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New this release

12 Oct 2014: The big news is that Jotsom now has a new "quick jot" editor widget that comes in two flavors: WYSIWYG HTML and Markdown. Go to any tab (About, Tour, Project) on the Jotsom group pages to find both widgets in the sidebar. You may try entering content in either one; when you Submit your creation, you'll get back a page of intermediate processing artifacts ending with a DITA version.

Because this is in first trials, we are not saving content yet, but you can copy your DITA version to your own local editor to see how well the up-conversion worked for your content. Don has converted all the content on the Daring Fireball site with success (search for Markdown); let's see how well it accepts your Markdown attempts! Find me at Twitter (@donrday) or donday at donrday dot com to discuss issues and suggestions. Until next update!

6 Oct 2014: The site theme is now responsive. The prior Snowflakes theme was fun and colorful, but was not well suited for viewing on smaller devices. The new theme for Jotsom-specific content is called KeepItSimple20 (by Styleshout), a responsive blogging theme with useful features for deep site content.

The demos still show occasional fixed or liquid themes for appropriate kinds of content. Not every site needs to be responsive or to follow the flat, single-page model.

Previously: Registration and page setup! This is totally alpha level function, and I request that potential testers contact me (Twitter: @donrday) to hear the standard disclaimers and to walk through the setup by phone so that I can learn what works, what doesn't.

Known issues
  1. The login issue was due to a hosting configuration that has been tweaked; we are ready for some smoke tests of signup and setup.
  2. The database has a wrongly defined datatype for one field. I'll fix this whenever we finish first signup tests as I'll need to wipe and reset the tables for the next release.
  3. Coming next: an admin page for group owners. This will enable visual selection of themes, updating initial setup values, file uploads, and more.

What to look for

This Jotsom update includes:

Theme and content choices

Is all content suited for Responsive Web Design? See how page behaviors work with the types of content in these demo groups:

Theme typeContent typeRepresentative Groups
eBook-likeNarrative; aggregatedBFH8, 20000 Leagues
Web Help-likeTechnicalStorm Cluster, CodexHelp
ResponsiveVariousEvia, Lightweight_DITA SC
MicrositeSubject-specificJotsom, Farragenius, Light_Of_Day
Application or goal orientedUse of interactions to progress toward a goal(need samples like how-to, training content, whitepaper review, benefits selection, etc.)

More coming!


This is a "site splash page." Each group has its own "index" page as the entry point to the content or activities within that group. Index pages are always collections (representations of content within the group or category). Search results are implicitly collections (things of a kind).


template for new features

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Jotsom    Light_Of_Day    Lightweight_DITA   
StormCluster    Twenty_Thousand_Leagues    test   

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